You’re weird when I saw you across and as your gaze landed on my direction,

You seem astonished and become a bit uneasy so you foolishly decided to cover your face, using the back of the person sitting in front of you,

I choose to ignore your actions even though I knew I was the reason why you cover up,

I focused my gaze on the games but I manage to notice how those pairs of eyes filled with confusion are still fixed on me. Watching my every move.

When the players stand in your place, I took the chance to observe your reactions but to my surprise, you’re not staring at the players rather you’re eyes are still fixed on me.

I had a hard time controlling my laughter but I kept my words that I make you think I never saw you in this event,

Not so surprisingly, you cut your little hiding and choose to show your face. My inner self jumps in joy as if my ears just magically claps.

You have no idea how many time I look at you whenever the players got nice movements because I knew, It will be the reason for your spontaneous smile and laughter,

You never knew that when the winner celebrates its victory, I am celebrating my own by your smiles.

I don’t know where to focus if it’s on the game or you but using the strategy I created my own, Of course, I’ll choose both.

A game for the eyes but your smiles for the heart.

I hope you enjoyed reading:-)

Published by Given Lasam

I love spending my free time sleeping.

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