ACT.3 – #SKL


It was when a typhoon occurred where a lot of people suffered. As I was scrolling through my social media I encountered a lot of Facebook posts where it involves a logo and a photo of the people who are suffering.

A collection of newly made websites kept on appearing on my newsfeed, with my curiosity, I visited those websites one by one, and surprisingly while reading their introduction they all had the same goal it is to ” help the victim to rise again and plant a smile on their faces”

With the new generation of people, the hospitality and generosity of every human around the world never changed. They continue to spread kindness and never get tired of helping the people in need.

Hence, the existence of social media and the mixed knowledge of the people all over the world can gather and connect with the people to bring more awareness of what is happening to some people around the world.


They say “Wonderful scenery is what the eyes are longing to see and what the heart is longing to feel”

Reaching beautiful created places with the different scent of contentment engages us, humans, with unexplainable joy and happiness.

Every destination gives us paired inspiration and determination to visit every place where an amazing creation is placed.

Simply, We appreciate everything that we see and even the air that we breathe when we are in that place.

We are given the existence and chance to enjoy every beauty nature serves in front of us.

Our existence simply implies joy and happiness within us, we might not appreciate the beauty but try to comprehend and be captive with its remarkable magnificence.


I hope you enjoy reading

Good day!

(Special credits to Pinterest for such amazing and charming photograph)


It was 5.00 in the afternoon when my dad reached our home, I was doing my modules while my siblings are doing nothing but scrolling through their lovely phones.

I glance at my dad as he started talking about how was his day and the problems he encountered. That’s my dad’s hobby and we like it if he shares with us his day.

Then I thought why not write a blog about my dad? Here it is.

When I was young, I was a lovely daughter as to how he described me, I was an excellent student and he always praises me.

When I participated in our school contest you are the one who mentored me, who guided and supported me first. I still can recall what you said to me back then. You said “You can do this daughter! Papa will guide you”

As I grow older I become your not so good daughter, I begin to talk back and made you feel worthless. I made you feel useless and I begin to ignore your efforts.

But you never leave me, you still stand beside me even if the world is against me. You help me to surpass obstacles and you lift me when everyone else drags me down. You made me feel special and worth it.

Dad, I am sorry for the actions I made that breaks your heart and for those words that shattered them into pieces. I am sorry. You’re the best dad in the world and I am so blessed that God made you as our Dad.


I hope you enjoy reading,

Special Thanks to Pinterest for the pictures💙


I had a sleepover with my cousins at our old family house, where we live for about many years, and left when I turn in 11th Grade.

Honestly, I had a hard time sleeping since I felt like I was new here where I once lived here,

At exactly 2.00 I started writing the intro of my book which is I don’t think I would finish,

At 3.00 I finished the intro and tried sleeping,

At 4:15 I am conscious, I heard voices of people down there on the road which is what I am looking forward to seeing every day,

At 5:55 I step out of my auntie’s room, and as I saw the look of our old sala, I realized I missed being there, I miss this place.

Here, I used to study for hours and hours until my grandpa will walk in front of me to remind me that it is already midnight,

In that area, I used to sketch and finalized my output for my drafting class.

These windows used to calm me down and remind me that I have reasons for what I’m doing, In here every time I took a glance I move my eyes around to see a bit of motivation,

And at night, when I looked at the sky I see my goals and a lot of reasons to keep pushing myself more.

Today the sky is dark and the wind is very cold that it gives chills each second the air touches my skin,

At 6:00 this the view that I always see as I keep doing my revision, at this hour I was the only one that is fully awake,

This tree might seem normal but for me, it’s special. Every morning when I see the reflected sun rays in its green leaves it reminds me to pack up my things and head up to school,

In front of this tree is where I am standing right now, smiling while typing, feeling joy because going here is a waste of time but worth it decision.


I hope you enjoy reading,

Have a great day💙


I have always been dreaming of sharing my morning routine in a vlog/blog and to be honest, I’ve been practicing dialogues to make my intro catchy, with the thought that we are asked to do a vlog but instead, I am thankful that it’s a blog because I’m not ready to be talking nonsense in front of a camera.

My Morning routine is boring and not like the others that are fully productive. Due to this new normal, I have been making myself used to a new routine because the past vacation is long and I usually oversleep in those past few months.

I am waking up at exactly 4:00 and I only touch my phone to snooze the alarm and not opening any of my social media because I want my day to start without stress.

The very first thing I do after waking up is to make sure I plastered a sweet smile on my face and look at my window and I always love saying “Good morning God, Thankyou for giving me another blessed day”, then I arrange my bed neatly and stretched myself to be fully awake.

I go make myself a morning coffee to boost the start of my day more and start reading my modules because YouTube taught me that reading at this early will be easy for me to process the information in my mind.

I usually spend hours reading my modules and doing online research on the things that are still not clear to me.

At exactly 7:30 I make my breakfast and have a little conversation with the family, take a warm bath and begin answering some of my modules.

I make sure to give myself a tap on my shoulder to boost myself more if I did something great like I finally had the strength to recite in my online classes. I love having Ice Coffee for my celebration.

At exactly noon I am eating my lunch and I always love pairing that moment with watching some of my favorite YouTube content creators or a lecture on why I’m wasting my time just to wake and push myself to do more.

Aside from coffee, water is one of my favorite drinks because water is really important for the body. I always make sure to have my bottle of water near me to keep myself hydrated from time to time.

After long hours of doing modules, it’s now time to take my dinner with my family and have a little conversation just to catch things up about us.

After an hour of break, I make myself a coffee and then continue answering my modules or if there are stars in the sky I would choose to relax outside while drinking my coffee.

When I’m satisfied with the work that I have accomplished, I finally make myself go to bed and have my relaxing sleep to energize myself for another day to come.


And that’s how I spend my day.

I hope you enjoy reading!

Special credits to Pinterest for the pictures.


You’re weird when I saw you across and as your gaze landed on my direction,

You seem astonished and become a bit uneasy so you foolishly decided to cover your face, using the back of the person sitting in front of you,

I choose to ignore your actions even though I knew I was the reason why you cover up,

I focused my gaze on the games but I manage to notice how those pairs of eyes filled with confusion are still fixed on me. Watching my every move.

When the players stand in your place, I took the chance to observe your reactions but to my surprise, you’re not staring at the players rather you’re eyes are still fixed on me.

I had a hard time controlling my laughter but I kept my words that I make you think I never saw you in this event,

Not so surprisingly, you cut your little hiding and choose to show your face. My inner self jumps in joy as if my ears just magically claps.

You have no idea how many time I look at you whenever the players got nice movements because I knew, It will be the reason for your spontaneous smile and laughter,

You never knew that when the winner celebrates its victory, I am celebrating my own by your smiles.

I don’t know where to focus if it’s on the game or you but using the strategy I created my own, Of course, I’ll choose both.

A game for the eyes but your smiles for the heart.

I hope you enjoyed reading:-)

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