ACT.3 – #SKL


It was when a typhoon occurred where a lot of people suffered. As I was scrolling through my social media I encountered a lot of Facebook posts where it involves a logo and a photo of the people who are suffering.

A collection of newly made websites kept on appearing on my newsfeed, with my curiosity, I visited those websites one by one, and surprisingly while reading their introduction they all had the same goal it is to ” help the victim to rise again and plant a smile on their faces”

With the new generation of people, the hospitality and generosity of every human around the world never changed. They continue to spread kindness and never get tired of helping the people in need.

Hence, the existence of social media and the mixed knowledge of the people all over the world can gather and connect with the people to bring more awareness of what is happening to some people around the world.

Published by Given Lasam

I love spending my free time sleeping.

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