I had a sleepover with my cousins at our old family house, where we live for about many years, and left when I turn in 11th Grade.

Honestly, I had a hard time sleeping since I felt like I was new here where I once lived here,

At exactly 2.00 I started writing the intro of my book which is I don’t think I would finish,

At 3.00 I finished the intro and tried sleeping,

At 4:15 I am conscious, I heard voices of people down there on the road which is what I am looking forward to seeing every day,

At 5:55 I step out of my auntie’s room, and as I saw the look of our old sala, I realized I missed being there, I miss this place.

Here, I used to study for hours and hours until my grandpa will walk in front of me to remind me that it is already midnight,

In that area, I used to sketch and finalized my output for my drafting class.

These windows used to calm me down and remind me that I have reasons for what I’m doing, In here every time I took a glance I move my eyes around to see a bit of motivation,

And at night, when I looked at the sky I see my goals and a lot of reasons to keep pushing myself more.

Today the sky is dark and the wind is very cold that it gives chills each second the air touches my skin,

At 6:00 this the view that I always see as I keep doing my revision, at this hour I was the only one that is fully awake,

This tree might seem normal but for me, it’s special. Every morning when I see the reflected sun rays in its green leaves it reminds me to pack up my things and head up to school,

In front of this tree is where I am standing right now, smiling while typing, feeling joy because going here is a waste of time but worth it decision.


I hope you enjoy reading,

Have a great day💙

Published by Given Lasam

I love spending my free time sleeping.

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