It was 5.00 in the afternoon when my dad reached our home, I was doing my modules while my siblings are doing nothing but scrolling through their lovely phones.

I glance at my dad as he started talking about how was his day and the problems he encountered. That’s my dad’s hobby and we like it if he shares with us his day.

Then I thought why not write a blog about my dad? Here it is.

When I was young, I was a lovely daughter as to how he described me, I was an excellent student and he always praises me.

When I participated in our school contest you are the one who mentored me, who guided and supported me first. I still can recall what you said to me back then. You said “You can do this daughter! Papa will guide you”

As I grow older I become your not so good daughter, I begin to talk back and made you feel worthless. I made you feel useless and I begin to ignore your efforts.

But you never leave me, you still stand beside me even if the world is against me. You help me to surpass obstacles and you lift me when everyone else drags me down. You made me feel special and worth it.

Dad, I am sorry for the actions I made that breaks your heart and for those words that shattered them into pieces. I am sorry. You’re the best dad in the world and I am so blessed that God made you as our Dad.


I hope you enjoy reading,

Special Thanks to Pinterest for the pictures💙

Published by Given Lasam

I love spending my free time sleeping.

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